Offer for BioMed Central authors to publish Spanish translations in “Archivos de Medicina”

Offer for BioMed Central authors to publish Spanish translations in “Archivos”

Archivos de Medicina offers authors whose papers have been accepted for publication in one of BioMed Central’s medical journals the option of publishing Spanish translations of their articles. Key points of this arrangement are as follows:

- For BioMed Central authors, the cost of publishing in Archivos translations of their article is a discounted charge of €120 (~ £110, $150), a transaction entirely independent of and following acceptance for publication in the BioMed Central journal. The authors’ submission to Archivos is entirely separate.
- This fee covers the cost of translating and copy-editing. Archivos provides these services but authors are welcome to submit their own Spanish versions.
- Archivos will not conduct full peer review again as papers handled under this arrangement have already been peer reviewed. There will be a screening by the Editors of Archivos but the focus will be on ensuring the linguistic quality of the Spanish translation.

BioMed Central’s journals as well as Archivos operate with the Creative Commons Attribution License which permits re-use in the form of translations (which fall under “derivative works”) under the proviso that the original work is given credit. To comply with the latter, the Spanish translations will link back to the original English article, following this model.
The arrangement outlined above was initially offered to authors of articles published in International Archives of Medicine but it is now extended, with approval by BioMed Central, to include other medical journals in BioMed Central’s portfolio.
Authors who would like to make use of the option to publish a Spanish version of their article under this arrangement are invited to address the Managing Editor of "Archivos de Medicina" at
For further questions concerning this arrangement, please contact Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Manuel Menéndez.

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